• osha 10 maritime training

    OSHA 10 Maritime training

  • osha 30 maritime training

    OSHA 30 Maritime training

  • firewatch-training

    Fire watch training

  • fork-lift-training

    Fork lift training

At Knights, we recognize that job safety is of utmost importance for both our employees and customers. To ensure the highest levels of safety, we offer the following training:

OSHA 10-Hour Maritime Training

This is a 10-hour course for entry-level maritime workers on how to recognize, avoid, abate, and prevent hazards in the workplace. The course also covers workers’ rights, employer responsibilities, and the process for filing a complaint.

Fire Watch Training

A proper fire watch is one of the most effective tools to prevent injuries to workers and damage to property where workers perform welding and other operations that may pose a fire hazard. This course covers how to monitor hot work in the workplace.

OSHA 30-Hour Maritime Training

This is a more in-depth version of the 10-hour maritime training, with additional information for supervisors, managers, and workers with safety responsibilities.

Fork Lift Training

There are an estimated 100,000 injuries and 100 deaths per year involving improper forklift operation. This course covers proper forklift operation and safety procedures in the workplace.

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